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Facility Personnel


PFD Director
Dr. Steve Smith
Room 615, Botterell Hall.
Telephone: (613)533-3188
E-mail: steven.smith@queensu.ca

PFD Facility Manager/Protein Characterization Specialist
Mr. Kim Munro
Room 273, Botterell Hall
Telephone: (613)533-6000 ext 78369
E-mail: munrok@queensu.ca

Protein Separation Specialist/Mass Spectrometry Specialist
Mr. David McLeod
Room 667, Botterell Hall.
Telephone: (613)533-3164
E-mail: mcleod@post.queensu.ca

Administration Office
Denise Webster
Room 612 Botterell Hall.
Telephone 533-3006
E-mail: websterd@queensu.ca

Cell analysis and Imaging
Queen's Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy Facility

Mr. Matt Gordon Flow Cytometry
Room 353, Botterell Hall.
Telephone: (613)533-6635
Fax: (613)533-6830
E-mail: gordonm@post.queensu.ca

Mr. Jeff Mewburn Confocal Microscopy
Room 353, Botterell Hall.
Telephone: (613)533-3221
Fax: (613)533-6830
E-mail: mewburnj@post.queensu.ca

Mr. Rob Eves Fluorescent Microscopy
Room 670, Botterell Hall.
Telephone: (613)533-6000 ext 78360
Fax: (613)533-2497
E-mail: evesr@post.queensu.ca

Software Support
Dr. Robert Campbell
Room 644 Botterell Hall.
Telephone: (613)533-6821
E-mail: rlc1@post.queensu.ca