Facility Equipment

The Protein Function Discovery Facility (PFD) was established at Queen's University in 2001 through grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT).

The suite of instrumentation housed in the PFD Facility has enabled a multi- directional approach to the characterization of biomolecules and their interactions: Isothermal titrating calorimetry, differential scanning calorimetry, circular dichroism spectrophotometry, analytical ultracentrifugation, Biacore (surface plasmon resonance), fluorimetry (standard and anisotropy), mass spectrometry (MALD-TOF and q-TOF), and SEC-MALS. While the principle emphasis of PFD has been answering research questions involving protein-mediated biological systems, we have also enjoyed success in adapting these techniques to answer specific questions for a variety of projects involving inorganic chemistry and chemical engineering.

Since its inception, PFD has provided research support to nearly 90 research laboratories in multiple Queen's departments, in addition to laboratories from external academic institutions and private industry. Our work has contributed high-quality results to a wide variety of research projects, supported over two hundred publications and student theses, and helped reinforce foundations for numerous successful research grant applications.

In addition to its direct contributions to research, the PFD facility has also functioned to provide individual or small-group training to graduate and undergraduate students concerning the theoretical and practical considerations of biophysical characterization experimentation. This goal is often accomplished in concert with tailoring the use of these techniques to support individual student research projects.

For enquiries regarding the applicability of PFD equipment to specific research projects and fee-for-service rates, please contact Kim Munro:

Phone: (613) 533-6000, ext.78369
E-mail: munrok@queensu.ca